Thursday, December 06, 2007


I have done it! I have circumnavigated South America. There were times when I had doubts, times when I longed for the courage to give up and fly home. In those dark moments I drew strength from my wife, Bernadette. Other times were spectacular in beauty. Most memorable are the voyage through Chile's fjords and Carmen and Brian's estancia in Uruguay. For me, however, a journey is more people than nature. Graciela in Rio Grande heads the list, caring for an old man foolish enough to ride a bike on ice. I walk thanks to Pepe Gonzalez, peg-leg medic extraordinary. I enjoyed, through good and bad, the encouragement of my cousins in Bs As. Ming has been in the background, emailing humour. And I am fortunate in the thousands who have bothered to log on to this BLOG. To you all, my thanks.
Now for the Darien Gap...
Should I attempt a relay of dug out canoes?

Sunday, December 02, 2007



I have been reluctant to write of my travels though Venezuela. I prefer to wait until I am in Cartagena, Colombia. Today is the referendum on Chavez and his new Constitution. I am staying in a small town of lovely Hispanic Colonial architecture 400 Ks west of Caracas. It is the only town I have visited since Santa Elena where strolling of an evening is safe.
Visit Venezuela? Why? Do you enjoy the high risk of being mugged? To this common danger, is added now an antipathy to and suspicion of foreigners. We are the capitalist enemy.