Monday, February 09, 2009


I drove down with Bernadette to London yesterday,to the Ace Cafe, to give a presentation at a biker meet organized by Horizon Unlimited and sign copies of OLD MAN ON A BIKE. Snow threatened and I spoke to a dwindling crowd. I also spoke directly after a brilliant and humorous speaker - not good for my confidence! However it was great to catch up with friends and meet people whom I had only met previously on the Web and great for Bernadette to meet people who have been only names to her. Especial thanks go to Glynn Roberts for the hours he put in organizing the meet and to Andrew at www.Londonbikers for dropping by.
We hit heavy snow on the way back to Herefordshire. We were on four wheels. Glynn was heading further north on his bike. Good to hear to day from him this morning that he got home safe.