Monday, January 17, 2011


My anger grows. Liberal politicians are pathetic. Incapable of defending themselves. More importantly, incapable of defending the decision of voters to vote for them. The electorate voted for a hung Parliament. The Market demanded a strong Government. Liberals had one week to help form a stable Government or Stirling would have crashed. The Conservatives were the only party with sufficient seats with which the Liberals could form a Government sufficiently stable to satisfy the Market. End of story. Or would critics prefer to have the pound crash?
Ed Milliband, a dreadful little man who, as with so many of our politicians, went directly from student politics to special adviser, then MP, and has no experience whatsoever outside the political bubble, denounces the Liberals for betraying the electorate by entering in coalition with the Conservatives.
What does the youthful nincompoop suggest that Liberals should have done?
Attempt to form a weak Coalition with labour plus the small parties. Traders would have dumped Stirling. The Labour/Liberal Coalition would have fallen.
Added to which the electorate had declared their antagonism to Labour. Attempting to form a Coalition with Labour would have been a betrayal of the electorate.